10 Ways Digital Tools Power Parent Engagement

Gone are the days for good when parents used to shun technology tools and used to believe that including them during the study times will only distract the students. Today, thanks to the internet and its influx, a lot of parents today love to acknowledge the fact that digital technology is perhaps the way forward.

Has the education system failed to capitalize on the digital tools?

This premise would be slightly wrong. There is enough evidence to say that when done correctly, the digital tools can boost the achievements of the students. It has also been categorically noticed that in cases where the students from marginalized society are concerned, the use of digital tools has been empowering.

Here are at least ten ways in which we think it powers parent engagement:

  1. Applications that traces classwork and home assignments whether SMSs or WhatsApp has made it so much easier now for parents to know what exactly their ward is up to in school.
  2. Reminders from schools for events etc. are easier to send. Parent participation is now increasing because the reminders reach in time for fundraisers, charity balls anything for that matter.
  3. Virtually available for in-class activities or PTMs especially if the parents are working.
  4. Community building on various fora and application-based networks like Facebook or facetiming has increased interaction between the parents and the children’s teacher and this is definitely paving good results.
  5. A one on one between the teachers and the parents is now possible thanks to digital tools and applications. It is a known fact that the traditional method of assessing the student once or twice in a year is giving away.
  6. Using various media to understand which one is going to be the most comfortable is something that parents are beginning to appreciate. For instance, if the parents are more prone to use emails than short messaging then they can opt to know what their child is doing with a weekly roundup mail!
  7. A simple text on concerns regarding Behavior can mean that correction can take place faster and before it turns into a compulsive behavior.
  8. Catching the weaker spots before it’s too late is also one of the advantages.
  9. The assessments available in the cloud and it are thus accessible through any device.
  10. Innovation in learning methods. Gone are the days when parents used to expect children to study only one way and that is from books. Today, there are so many places to learn from. Check out StarWalkKids to see how learning is so much fun with different media!!

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