Car Tech – An Overview

When we talk about car technology there is so much happening. Every single advancement that we see in the automobile industry is towards the improved performance of the car, better fuel efficiency, and increased road safety. All these added to the comfort of the passengers make today’s cars so popular.

While there are so many technological innovations that are making cars of the present so much better there are some that are becoming very popular:

  1. Navigation systems:

Earlier these were available in very few cars. But now almost every car that is released in the market comes with a navigation system built in. These are fast and accurate. So exploring new cities and new countries no more appears like a scary ordeal. And when roads are crowded, finding alternate routes is also made simple.

  1. Parking systems:

Parking sensors and cameras allow drivers to now park with accuracy. This removes all ambiguities and even beginners can now park their car safely. This is very handy as most parking spaces are crowded these days and so one is required to park in a tight space.

  1. Cruise control:

This is a technology that helps save fuel and reduces the strain for the driver. The speed can be set and the car would continue to progress at the same speed even when the accelerator is not triggered. This is now taken a step ahead as we find radar cruise control gaining popularity. This is a smarter way to regulate speeds by adding a vehicle sensing feature. So the system would be able to calculate the distance between the car and the other car or the automobile in the front and will break at the right time.

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