A Story of How I Got Fired Because of My Private Information on the Internet

Everyday morning, going to my workplace, the company I worked for 5 years, was inevitably a part of my life. My days began with waking up and hopping into a shuttle to the workplace. Grabbing breakfast, catching up with friends and giving my best at work was how my typical day would look.  My days would wind up by a few status updates on Facebook, this was my resort to flush my thoughts.

One day, I had a bad day at the office I threw up the whole incident on my Facebook page and was happy to get lots of likes and comments on the same. The next day I was in no mood to go to work, so I sent out an e-mail to my boss for granting a sick leave. The whole day I hung out with my friends and as usual, habitually uploaded all the moments on the Facebook. The next day was a normal day to the office, I felt quite relieved and refreshed.  But after an hour I was called for a meeting with my boss and the HR admin. And to my surprise, I was fired. They were not in any mood to hear my story.

That is when I realized how social media or any other online data could be a disaster of your life. The mistakes were to share the name of my company and its workplace culture on a public platform. And post photos on Facebook when I was on a sick leave.

That was a big lesson that I learned. Now I practice to not flood the social media with any of my personal data.  I spend extra time with my privacy settings on any social platform. I love this online privacy app-SaferVPN.…