If you are fed up of waiting for your TV to broadcast your choice of movies, shows and videos, it is about time you bring about a change. Gone are the days when you had to modify your daily routine to suit the timings of the TV broadcasts.

With Android TV box coming into the technology market, you can now convert your conventional TV into a smart TV.

What is a smart TV? What does it do?

A Smart TV is the one, where you have the control of what to watch and when. It is similar to the functions of a smart mobile. An Android TV box can allow your TV to perform a whole lot of functions including surfing the internet, streaming live videos directly on your TV, watching your choice of TV shows of movies.

It is common for people to use apps like Netflix to watch their favorite choice of shows and movies; you can now have Netflix on your TV and watch what you like on a bigger screen. An android TV box is functions in a fairly simple manner. Though different manufacturers will have different settings, the basic set up is more of less similar.

The box is connected to the internet connection whether it is Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The same Android box is then also connected to the TV. Once the connection is successful, your TV can now perform the functions of a smart mobile.

Which are the best Android TV Boxes available?

If you look around there are many sources that supply Android TV boxes. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Their functions also vary depending on your budget. Many of these Android boxes have older or close to obsolete Android

Some of the best options are like MXQ Pro 4K. It has an internal memory of DDR3 Ram of one GB. Its Wi-Fi signal ability is high and strong. It also has an HDMI output that makes ultra high definition videos easier to stream. A high speed port of 2.0 is enabled as well. It is also very easy to install and worth the price.…