More About Industrial Testing

When you talk about industrial testing, these are nothing else but simple maintenance tests conducted to keep a check on the physical and chemical components of a plant. By conducting regular industrial tests, it is possible to determine the condition of equipment in an industry and watch out for any changes as soon as they occur.

This is carried out by an easy method called as predictive maintenance. This method is not only pocket-friendly but can also function considerably faster. This is especially true since the sudden breakdown of equipment can waste not just time but also reduces the industrial uptime and resulting loss of money, manpower, and resources. Not to mention the potential harm it may cause to human life involved as well as the environment.

In order to avoid any such circumstances, there are a number of industrial testing conducted which can assist. Read this information further to know more:

  • Vibration analysis: This is the most common form of industrial testing conducted especially in the case of rotating equipment like gear, fans, turbines, compressors, conductors etc. This method checks the vibration and oscillation patterns of these rotating equipment and can notify if there is any change in the pattern. A vibration meter can also record readings which can be utilized for future maintenance. It is a portable instrument which is highly useful for predictive maintenance.

Other forms of industrial testing would include:

  • Power system assessment by a personnel who can review the condition of the electrical system and determine how it is doing and how long before it may need maintenance
  • Thermographic Inspections make use of specialized cameras that are able to determine if there is any fault in the existing electrical system
  • 24/7 monitoring of critical points using the internet is one of the latest options that eliminates maximum scope of error in prediction.
  • A circuit monitor records data of voltage, current, and power. Any changes or fluctuations in this circuit can determine the need for maintenance.
  • Intelligent protected devices that are modernized and provide advanced information about any faults in the equipment.