Which Is The Best Laptop For Video Editing?

Apple: The Apple laptops, especially the MacBook Pro is adept at editing videos and is always the first choice for professional video editors all over. Apple has a wide range of OS X Laptops under various names and sizes. However, even amongst these, there are some of the specifications that work better for editing movies.

Based on numerous factors such as speed, storage and the quality of the picture, the MacBook Pro seems to be the choice. It is fast and seems to do the job whether you are a professional editor hitting deadlines or an extremely passionate amateur. In addition, the retina display and its quality are hard to beat. The final edited video come out looking clearly professional and that makes it all worth the money!

Asus ZenBook Pro: This is the other laptop that performs like a pro as far as video editing is concerned. Speed is a critical factor in video editing since idle time needs to be short while rendering videos. Any time saved is money saved and it is here that Asus ZenBook Pro steals the show! It has an i7 intel Quad processor with 16GB RAM and as a result, it tackles heavy rendering and encoding quite easily. Another important thing that swings it in its favor is the 512 GB SSD card which gives it enough to read or write the large raw files that are dumped. It is portable and it provides ultra-high definition resolution pictures. If it comes down to a budget, the Asus will win hands down as it has an edge over the Apple on this front. So, this is a great laptop for making videos, for professionals and amateurs.

The key features that should be considered before choosing should ideally be Storage, speed, resolution and finally budget. Considering the above factors, the Asus ZenBook Pro is a better choice.