How Durable are Kids Drones?

Drones are fascinating objects of play for kids and adults alike. The drones that we pick for kids need to not only be safe, and easy to fly but also be durable, because kids’ drones, as we all know are the ones that are subjected to many gimmicks, trials and experimentation.

There are many types of drones in different budget ranges for everyone in all age groups and at different experience levels. Most kids are interested in flying objects and drones do provide a lot of fun, and learning at the same time.

Pre-Requisites to look for in Kids Drones: Look for a drone which has a durable and long-running battery life. The design element needs to be sturdy and built to withstand different and sudden manoeuvres, bumpy rides and crashes.

It must be able to easily hold itself in air and must be smooth and flexible. The important thing is that a kids’ drone must have basic drone controls which helps them learn the basics of drone technology.

To make kids’ drones last longer, here are a few simple hacks/ tips:

  • Teach your children to fly in the right conditions, during fair weather when there’s light breeze at the most.
  • Cameras in drones consume a lot of battery power. If you are just interested in acquainting your child with the know-hows of drone flying, ditch the camera. Or go for a model without the camera.
  • But if your child is interested in taking pictures with drones, then you could always attach a camera to a basic drone, but do ensure that you get bigger-sized propellers, the max-size recommended for the model that you have. No camera, go in for smaller propellers.
  • Try the 40-80 rule. Charge your batteries fully and drain them completely before you recharge them. A good lithium ion rechargeable battery lasts longer. Do not overcharge the batteries and fill it up halfway between 40-80% and you’ll have them up and running for quite sometime.

We hope you keep these tips in mind and buy this drone on your kid’s birthday. You will not only be giving something to be entertained with, but also a few practical lessons on the mechanics and technology that goes into the making of this flying machine toy.

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