Guidelines For An Electronic Music Producer

If you are new to the field of music production then it is quite obvious that initially you will be clueless regarding what needs to be done. One goes through various phases of learning to finally become efficient as an electronic music producer.

  • The initial step is to choose a digital audio workstation which is also called DAW. According to your preference, you can pick any because all the DAWs do offer great music output. And if you do not like one after using it for some time, you can easily switch to another DAW.
  • Once you get acquainted with the DAW that you have opted, you must start experimenting with it so that you get an idea on how to use it. You can try to recreate melodies of some old songs for experiments.
  • You should try to create your own song and make sure that you finish it. This will help you to grow a habit to complete your music at the earliest.
  • You must learn the fundamental basics of music such as music theory, structure, arrangement and mixing of music.One must learn the basics of music theory for both traditional music composition and electronic music composition. Although, these music compositions differs a lot from each other, but still they are based on the same musical concepts. For structure and arrangement, you need to drag the song into DAW and process it. Mixing is again an integral part else your song will sound like it is produced from a tin can.
  • Try not to stick to only one genre of music. You should experiment with various genres.
  • It is always good to gather feedback from people regarding your compositions. This will help you to learn about your flaws and you will get a chance to rectify them. And also try to build up relations with other producers.



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