Points To Remember While Choosing A DSLR Lens

If you know which type of DSLR lens you need, finding the right one would take a bit of research. Reading quick reviews would help you find the best ones in the market. Even the cheapest DSLR cameras can be used to click the best pictures when paired with the right lenses.

Here are some features of the lens to consider while buying one:

  • Lens mount: This is the one main feature that would determine if the lens would fit your camera or not. You can buy adapters if the lens doesn’t mount on your camera but the effects would not be similar.
  • Lens size and weight: Remember that if you are carrying your DSLR, you would be carrying it with the lens kit as well. Choose a lens that is lightweight and small. Though each type of lens would vary in the size preferably choose the smallest one in the segment. This would make transporting your DSLR kit easy. The size and weight of the lens also matter because these would determine how easy it is to hold the camera. Your DSLR body itself would be heavy and a heavy lens would make it even more difficult to handle the camera.
  • Image stabilization: Choose lenses that come with image stabilization option. This is mainly to avoid blurs in the image due to minor shakes and movements. Some brands have image stabilization feature built in the lens and in some, the camera body takes care of it.
  • Aperture value: Aperture rating of a lens is usually indicated with an “f”. These f-numbers determine how wide the aperture of the lens can open. This would determine the depth of focus obtained in your photos. Whether you wish to capture every detail in the surrounding or wish to blur out the background altogether you can do all that by varying the f-number.

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