The Cool Guy: What Should You Post On Twitter?

Twitter is all about following the right people and posting the right things. When you post the right kind of content on Twitter, you end up reaching the right kind of people and if you are a tech person yourself, you would love to follow people who are in the same field. Being a cool who is technologically inclined needs you to follow the right set of accounts so that you know what to post. Here is what you could follow and tweet accordingly.

  • Techcrunch

Following this account will help you to understand about the latest topics in technology, for example, about gadgets, cloud, STEM and a lot more. This will then lead you to post about the same things in your own way with your own reviews that you might have.


This account offers important information on technological news in various interesting ways. You could pick a topic of your choice for blogs that you would like to follow. You could then take up a topic like gaming or science and post on your own account or choose to follow up on the original posts of the account.

  • Mashable Tech

Posting about innovations in technology requires you to be updated about the same. This account is a storehouse for information on innovations in mobiles, news about new gadgets etc that you could follow and take help from.

With the help of these accounts, you could create interesting posts on Twitter and increase your followers. Posting information and reviews about the latest gadgets makes you seem like an interesting account on Twitter since the buying decision is usually made by reading reviews online these days and the more technically sound your reviews are, the more followers you can expect. There is an interesting article available at that could help you to understand what else needs to be included in your posts to make them more interesting.

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